SleepEasy® Technique Free

The quality of your life is vastly defined by the quality of your sleep.

This is a 10 min sample recording of our proven sleep improvement technique.

THE COMPLETE 40 minute guided recording SleepEasy® Technique Pro app is available at so you can receive the full benefits.

You have access to Brenda Doherty’s 20+ years experience as a Sleep Educator and Counsellor.

The SleepEasy® Technique directly addresses quietening the busy mind and calming the restless body, allowing sleep to unfold smoothly and naturally.

WHAT YOU DO: It’s easy. Just snuggle down in bed tonight and with a lazy, gentle focus simply listen to Brenda’s clear, calm guidance.

Using the Technique regularly will also help you develop the inner knack of sleeping when and where you want to – on a plane, train, motel, taking a nap on the sofa.

This is not a hypnotherapy app.  We do not apply any background sounds like white noise or subliminal messaging.  What you hear is all there is.  You are in charge.

This app is not a substitution for conventional medicine, especially if your sleep problems are caused by any serious physical condition.  However we have seen many consumers of sleep pills who were able to get off them once they established the SleepEasy® Technique when settling down for sleep.

Spend a moment to read through some our clients testimonials and see for yourself.

Added benefits:

  • Enjoy a stronger, clearer mind
  • Reduced jaw-clenching and teeth grinding
  • Confidence in eliminating sleep medications
  • Improved ability to rest well when you want to
  • Switch off easier from the stress of the day
  • Recording will continue to play if mobile device screen turns off.

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iPhone version available soon

This lady is a gift from Down Under to help you slumber. This worked for me, so it should for you. Have to say. Brenda, your SleepEasy Technique is perfect. As you know I have tried most apps with no success. But the way you relax me, as an insomniac to provide some relief is indescribable. The way you speak, gently leading, the silent pauses, the yawns feel so good. Thank you so much. When something is this good you don't need music or a screen show.” Ste Plaza USA