Get Back Your Sleep Natural and Drug-free Insomnia Solutions Read More
Sleep ... nature's best medicine.
Transform Your Sleep Natural and Drug-free Insomnia Solutions Read More
Sleep ... nature's best medicine.'
Making Your Sleep Better Natural and Drug-free Insomnia Solutions Read More
Sleep ... nature's best medicine.'


Enjoy better sleep and receive the benefits:

  • Ability to quieten the busy mind
  • Confidence in eliminating sleep medications
  • Better daytime energy
  • Relief from worrying about sleep
  • Reduced jaw-clenching and teeth grinding
  • Improved ability to rest well when you want

Sleep to the Rescue® workshops

Workshops held regularly throughout the year.

First 2019 workshop commences:
Sunday 10th March 2019 – Sydney – Completed
Saturday 11th May 2019 – Sydney – Full
Saturday 17th August 2019 – Sydney – Completed
Saturday 30th November 2019 – Full      FINAL

Take control of your sleeping habits

  • Sleep without medications or hypnosis
  • Dealing with the busy anxious mind
  • Learn the SleepEasy® ‘Go To’ tools for change


As I awake from another refreshing night’s sleep, I want to thank you again for the remarkable difference your SleepEasy tools have made to my sleep patterns and life! I am sleeping with something like a 98% strike rate …if that makes sense. I find that even during periods of sustained stress I can tap into the tools to help me during the day and also send me back to the land of nod if I awake during the night. I. Godwin, Asia Pacific Market Development, Business Partner Sydney
Equipped with the tools that SleepEasy had given me I had no problem sleeping. It has been a number of weeks now and I am sleeping really well. Kim Walsh, Travel Reservations, Sydney
It's really amazing how simple it is. After all the years of trying to find a solution - pity I didn't try this years ago!! Myrna Oaklands, Housewife, Newcastle
The SleepEasy techniques have really made a difference. I’m feeling more clear headed and calmer and tend to ignore ‘the stuff’ in the head. Peter Manass, Manager, East Roseville
Just as we are change merchants in our industry, SleepEasy does make a difference. We have a calmer, more focused team who are actually more productive and achieving to their high standards. Judy Philpott, Business Owner, Melbourne
From my first visit to the clinic I received positive results. I really appreciated having plenty of time during my sessions to practice thoroughly what I was being taught. Lawyer (name withheld), Sydney
I’ve not only regained my sleep, I really feel I have regained my sanity and am in touch with life in a way that I had long forgotten. Shelly A. Cafe Owner, Sydney


When your employees sleep well they will:

  • feel less tired at work
  • manage stress better
  • more likely to stay well and take less time off work
  • give their best to your business



When a chat with a friend is not enough.

  • receive attention and care to your specific needs
  • plenty of unhurried time
  • skillful guidance and counselling
  • and be helped to understand the tools for change


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