Brenda Doherty

Getting the sleep you want

Welcome, I’m Brenda Doherty.

As a dedicated Sleep Educator and Counsellor for over 20 years I am keen to help you learn how to bring great sleep back in to your life.

I understand the struggles you may be experiencing – the tossing and turning, busy mind, difficulty getting off to sleep, waking in the early hours.

It was my own fight with sleeplessness back in the early 90’s  that inspired me to develop the SleepEasy®  approach.  I started teaching clients and students the steps that worked …and well, the rest is history.

SleepEasy® has gone on to help hundreds of struggling insomniacs via my clinic in Sydney, corporate and community workshops, CDs and apps.

Without good sleep, almost everything else we do – work, relationships, family, spiritual endeavours – can be compromised.

Steadily and clearly I will help you:

  • cut through the confusion you may have on how to achieve good sleep recovery
  • to understand the key points to sleep improvement
  • provide you with no-fuss, clear and effective tools that will bring your sleep recovery alive

And, the beauty is that as your sleep improves your daytime hours will be enhanced too as you enjoy better energy, clearer thinking and calm.

Here’s some of my background that may interest you –

I have spent my adult life pursuing the inner answers to body/mind/spirit balance which include holistic counselling, remedial bodywork, polarity therapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

Life experiences have also included some of the following extraordinary opportunities:

  • working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta
  • meeting with and attending seminars with world renowned philosopher Krishnamurti
  • six years formal training in yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation as an initiated swami with Satyananda Yoga Australia
  • a one-year intensive meditative retreat within the Buddhist forest monastery tradition at Bodhinyanarama Monastery, New Zealand.

The knowledge and experience of the workings of the inner life has given me insight into the difficulties some people experience with sleep deprivation.  Sleep, after all IS about the inner world.

SleepEasy® & StressHelp Education is represented in my private Sydney clinic, Adult Education Colleges, University of Technology and corporate environments.

I look forward very much to helping you.” 

Better sleep – Less stress – Great life

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