Better sleep from the first night

At SleepEasy® we are dedicated to helping struggling insomniacs learn how to tap in to and grow their own natural ability to sleep well – simply and directly as Nature intended.

If you are struggling with a busy mind, wake in the early hours, resorting to sleep medications, feel as though you have tried everything in the book to help yourself sleep better, then the SleepEasy® approach is right for you.

Proven techniques that will help you sleep right now.

The SleepEasy® approach is effective because it addresses the problems that are causing sleeplessness as well as teaching techniques to return to better sleep.  We also recognize the importance of the body/mind relationship.

You are guided step-by-step with a plan of action, along with the ‘Go To’ tools, that will support positive change in your sleep patterns and help you tap into reclaiming your own body’s natural ability to get a good night’s sleep.

You are in charge.

Sleep better without medication or hypnosis.

The SleepEasy® Tools are clear, simple and immediately applicable to your daily life – nothing artificial or remote.

We have simplified and made clear the steps you can take to getting better sleep. With the bonus benefits of improved daytime energy, clearer thinking and deeper sense of calm.

A sleep solution that addresses your particular sleep problems.

We know that a one-size-fits-all solution is not necessarily the answer to your individual sleep problem.

At SleepEasy® you can chose the method that best works for you, whether it is:

My sleeping pattern has dramatically improved for the better. I am now enjoying continuous and satisfying sleep. The bonus is that it made me think about my lifestyle and I am moving on making some changes to get some more balance. Ken Ryan, Corporate Executive Sydney
I came to SleepEasy hoping to find the secret to how to sleep well, and ended up with so much more. I feel I have been given a new lease on life and it's a precious gift that I will carry through my life, hopefully enthusing my nearest and dearest as well as others I may meet. Thank you so, so much. Teresa Cayzer, Legal Secretary, Sydney
“What I liked most about the SleepEasy® program was the simple, practical techniques and instructions – outlined and delivered ‘one step at a time’. Melanie Lang, Director Sydney
I have had 4 of the most complete nights’ sleep in years – and all drug free. I decided to go ‘cold turkey’ on sleeping pills and apart from a slight rousing at around 2am, I slept right the way through, waking up with the sound of birds. I am now relaxing, resting and sleeping far better – and working far more calmly. Tracey James, Business Development Manager Sydney
"My experience with SleepEasy has been very helpful.  Sleep used to be very erratic.  After attending the ‘Sleep to the Rescue’ workshop a week ago I have not taken a sleeping tablet since.  I also feel more relaxed.  The simple, inexpensive and non-invasive techniques are excellent tools we should all learn.  I actually had a sleep-in this morning which is unheard of for me!  S. Howard, Office Manager, Sydney
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