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Results speak for themselves …

“Overall my sleep has improved a lot since the sleep workshop.  If I wake up at 3am or 4am I now go back to sleep without too much trouble. Prior to the workshop I was usually awake for a couple of hours.    I am particularly delighted to know that as I steadily practice the SleepEasy tools deep change is encouraged to grow and become a constant support in to my future.”

FIVE WEEKS LATER:  I am still very pleased with my sleep progress.  Thanks again. You’ve been such a help to me.

Wendy Hobbs, Freelance Journalist, mum and wife – Sydney


“I have had 4 of the most complete nights’ sleep in years – and all drug free. I decided to go ‘cold turkey’ on sleeping pills and apart from a slight rousing at around 2am, I slept right the way through, waking up with the sound of birds. I am now relaxing, resting and sleeping far better – and working far more calmly.”

Tracy James, Business Development Manager Sydney


“This worked for me, so it should for you. Have to say, the SleepEasy Technique is perfect. As you know I have tried most apps with no success. But the way you relax me, as an insomniac to provide some relief is indescribable. The way you speak, gently leading, the silent pauses, the yawns feel so good. Thank you so much. When something is this good you don’t need music or a screen show.”

Ste Plaza USA


“I have struggled with my sleep and anxiety all my life. I got it under control and manageable before I had children, but everything went out of whack after having my first child. It stayed that way for the last 5 1/2 years. I have been medicated with anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping tablets – that was my Doctors prescribed course of action.

If only my Doctor had suggested SleepEasy sooner, so much damage and destruction to my body and relationships might not have occurred. The solution doesn’t have to be tricky, complex or involve hours of chanting, ommming or exercise to blast yourself into health and calm.  In fact I’ve come to realize life is about the opposite …less is more.

The gift of sleep now visits me easily and I am handling every day stresses without that continual companion of anxiety (which felt like I’d had 10 cups of coffee all day every day). I have you to thank for all of this.

If you do the work, listen to her, you too can have better sleep and that slice of calm in between all the chaos that we and the world so desperately craves/needs. I would strongly recommend the breathing exercise and SleepEasy technique to anyone and everyone. It’s bloody brilliant!”

C. Wolfe, Designer, Sydney


“As I awake from another refreshing night’s sleep, I want to thank you again for the remarkable difference your SleepEasy tools have made to my sleep patterns and life! I am sleeping with something like a 98% strike rate …if that makes sense. I find that even during periods of sustained stress I can tap into the tools to help me during the day and also send me back to the land of nod if I awake during the night.”

I. Godwin, Asia Pacific Market Development, Business Partner Sydney


“I really wanted to improve my sleep as I was frustrated with my busy mind and waking through the night.  From my first visit I received positive results.  The calmness and clarity was a huge help in itself and I loved all the ‘little’ suggestions that I could integrate into my everyday life without feeling pressured to add more things to my already full working and personal schedule.  I really appreciated learning more about the process of sleep and the SleepEasy tools …and having plenty of time during my clinic sessions to practice thoroughly what I was being taught.  Thanks very much.”

Lawyer, Name withheld Sydney


“An excellent workshop.  It was a great opportunity to think about my sleep patterns, particularly taking sleep from being something that got in the way of life to something that enhances life.

I can see some changes already starting – I’m feeling much more relaxed in bed and it seems I am getting off to sleep faster.  I’m also working on realigning my sleep patterns to nature’s cycles.  I’m thoroughly enjoying my mid-afternoon breathing exercises and relaxation!  My technology habit still needs a bit of work.”

James P., Educator, Sydney


“The wonderful presentation on Sleep at the Reflexology Association of Australia’s recent Annual Branch Meeting and Speaker Day was a remarkable sea-change for many people.  Thank you sincerely for the great SleepEasy workshop.  The commonsense approach to the subject wiped out any media hype and the many articles we are bombarded with that suggest certain items are necessary to get a “good night’s sleep”.  I imagine there are quite a few people who have had a good week because of attending the workshop.”

M. Parsons, Education Officer, Reflexology Assoc of Aust Ltd


“It’s working! Although I have woken 3 or 4 times, each time I just practice what I learnt and go back to sleep a short tie later. It’s really amazing how simple it is. After all the years of trying to find a solution – pity I didn’t try this years ago.”

Myrna Oaklands, housewife, Newcastle


“My visits to SleepEasy have made the most enormous difference to my life. You taught me how to take the stress out of sleeping – how to accept that I may not sleep the whole way through the night, and that it’s OK. When I do wake, I’m not lying there fretting anymore, and that makes so much difference to my mental well-being in those dark small hours! And I very rarely do lie there awake any more – I usually just drift back to sleep within minutes. It’s amazing!  Thank you.  You’ve been an important person in my life.”

Teresa Cayzer, Legal secretary Sydney


“The ‘Sleep to the Rescue’ is a popular day workshop in our Health & Lifestyle programs. Course evaluations have been regularly carried out into the workshop and they have produced outstandingly positive responses. The following comments have been directly taken from recent students’ evaluations: “EXCELLENT! A truly life changing day!” “Very simple, practical and easy and common sense guide and ideas to sleeping better.” “I would highly recommend this workshop and feel I now have better tools to help me deal with stress levels and sleeping problems.” “Very informative – most impressed. A great tutor, with a great deal of knowledge in this field. Many thanks Brenda.”

Michael Newton, Senior Education Officer, WEA, Sydney


“Not getting good sleep was literally destroying my life. I wasn’t coping with stress. I was feeling tired and irritable all the time. Brenda’s calm confidence and expertise in explaining SleepEasy was marvellous. It feels like a miracle how my sleep has turned around, I am doing more positive things and feel that I am not taking any steps backward any more. I’ve not only regained my sleep, I really feel I have regained my sanity and am in touch with life in a way that I had long forgotten. My whole family are benefiting also”

Shelly A. Food retailer Sydney


“As a small group of passionate people moving at the cutting edge of an outdated industry we have lived the highs and lows of innovation…….for us it means that a few people carry more than their share of the load and because you believe in what you’re doing you carry on way past when your body is saying stop. There’s always a crunch point health-wise from so much stress, and I believe that to stay well, focused and energetic we need skills – skills to release stress and to bring the mind and body back into balance. Just as we are change merchants in our industry so is SleepEasy in theirs.  Thanks for making a difference. Time spent with members of our team has helped them understand how all this high pressure is impacting on themselves and for my part, I am enjoying the fruits of a calmer, more focused team who by taking care of themselves & using what they have learnt in their own ways, are feeling less frustrated and stressed because they are actually more productive and achieving to their high standards.”

Judy Philpott, Director Polkinghornes – Beef at its Best, Melbourne


“Overall what I liked most about SleepEasy was the simple, practical techniques and instructions – outlined and delivered ‘one step at a time’. This is clearly the first time I have understood the issues at hand and, more importantly, how they can begin to be resolved effectively for the long term. This is definitely a journey with a stepped approach working very well in my case. I have really enjoyed the experience. Thoroughly recommended.”

TWO WEEKS LATER.”I am sleeping beautifully. I am continuing to make excellent progress and am feeling just wonderful. Thanks sooooo much. Breathing is better too. Also the ‘stitch’ I had been experiencing for a long time during jogging has gone altogether. What a bonus! I look forward to continued great sleep into the future.”

Melanie Lang, Director Sydney


“After attending the SleepEasy workshop, I just had to say that I have slept better in the last month than I have in any period I can think of in my life before and if I have woken up at all I have been able to go off to sleep almost immediately. Yesterday would have to have been the most stressful day of my working life and last night I woke at 2.30 and took about 45 mins to clear my head to go back to sleep. I feel like a new woman. I’ll never know how to thank you.”

M. Lee, Housewife, Sydney


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