SleepEasy® Technique Free Sample

Tired of not sleeping well?

If you experience a busy mind that tick-ticks through the night or a restless body that keeps tossing and turning, then you’re going to love this App!

This is a sample App so you can experience the quality of Brenda Doherty’s voice and try out 10mins of the ’SleepEasy® Technique. To receive the full recording and benefits download our ’SleepEasy® Technique Pro’ App.

The SleepEasy® Technique delivered via this App is a key sleep-improvement tool that has been helping thousands of struggling insomniacs to heal up and bring healthy sleep back into their life. SleepEasy® Technique has been developed over 25 years of our private clinic operation, corporate trainings and community workshops.

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And the beauty is, there is NO hypnosis, NO subliminal messaging and NO background sound effects. You are in charge.

When settling down in bed for sleep tonight, listen to Brenda Doherty’s 10min sample, guided recording of the SleepEasy® Technique.  Your gentle, inner focus on the structure of the Technique will steadily quieten your busy mind allowing sleep to unfold smoothly.  It’s that simple!

This lady is a gift from Down Under to help you slumber. This worked for me, so it should for you. Have to say. Brenda, your SleepEasy Technique is perfect. As you know I have tried most apps with no success. But the way you relax me, as an insomniac to provide some relief is indescribable. The way you speak, gently leading, the silent pauses, the yawns feel so good. Thank you so much. When something is this good you don't need music or a screen show.” Ste Plaza USA